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Greetings Hitchikers,

The Hitchiker Board Game is currently out of stock and I need to reload on a few components before I can make any more.

If you happen to be a board game manufacturer ... hey give me a call!!

Other than that, please check back again or Contact Me and I'll let you know when it's available again.

Thank you for your interest.

- Scott Marshall, Inventor

Ace + Ten = Blackjack!

The object of casino style blackjack is to make a hand that totals 21 or less and is higher than the hand made by the "House".

Anytime your hand totals more than 21, you have "busted" and lose your wager immediately.

All transactions while playing Blackjack are between the individual players and the bank.

DEALING- Shuffle the deck of playing cards and take the top card regardless of value and place it upside down on the bottom of the deck.

Beginning with the player to your left, deal each player one card FACE UP.

Now deal yourself two cards face up, beside each other. (as dealer you can play two separate hands)

Finally deal another card face up and place it in the middle of the board. This is the House card.

All cards are dealt face up playing Blackjack.

All players are playing against the eventual hand made by the House, not each other.

VALUE OF CARDS- All cards are counted at face value. Face cards (Jacks, Queens, Kings) are counted as 10. Aces may be counted as 1 or 11.

PLACING YOUR BET- Now that you have seen your first card, it's time to place your bet. Each player places a wager beside their card. There is no limit to the amount wagered. The more you bet, the more you might win (or lose).

Worth mentioning is that real casinos do not let you see any cards first. The Hitchiker changes are designed to offer the player better odds and allow easier choices.

BETS ARE DOWN- Once everyone has placed their wager beside their card(s) including the Dealer with two wagers, one for each hand (do not have to be of equal value) it's time to complete the hands.

The dealer now gives each player (hand) a second card face up. DO NOT GIVE THE HOUSE A SECOND CARD UNTIL THE END OF ALL PLAYER ACTIONS.

Now with all hands (except the House) having two cards, the players will complete their hands.

Each player in order, will try to determine how their hand will do against the eventual hand the House will make. Players can either "Stand" (which means keeping the cards you have and stopping) or ask the dealer to "Hit" , whereby they are dealt another card to add to their total.

Remember the object is to get as close to 21 as possible without going over.

Once all players including the Dealer have completed their hands (either sticking or have busted out of the game) it's time to complete the House's hand.

HOUSE HAND- the House must take additional cards until it makes a total of at least 17 or better. e.g. The house must draw another card with a total of 16.

Once the House reaches a count of 17 to 21, the house must "Stick". If the house "Busts" by going over 21, all players still in the game win.

If the house makes a hand, all players compare their own hand to the house. If you have a total greater than the house you win. If you have a total equal to the house you "push" which means you break even and take back your initial wager.


WIN- If you beat the house you collect 5 times your wager from the bank. i.e. bet $10,000 and you keep your initial wager plus receive an additional $50,000 from the bank.

BLACKJACK- when your hand totals 21 with your first two cards (Ace + 10) you have a Blackjack. You win 10 times your wager and are paid immediately when it appears. i.e. bet $10,000 and take back your initial wager plus receive $100,000 from the bank.


Depending on the first two cards your receive, you may also have an opportunity to adjust your hands or wager.

SPLITTING- If your first two cards are of equal value you may split them up and play them as two separate hands. On your turn, split the cards and place an additional equal wager beside the second hand. Now you receive a second card on each hand. If you match again, you may split again. Once you have two cards on each hand simply play them out as usual.

DOUBLE DOWN- If after seeing your first two cards, you feel you are only going to want one more card, you may double your initial wager. Now you will only be dealt one more card and are stuck with that resulting total, no matter what. i.e. your first two cards total 11 so a 10 or any high card would make a good hand, so you double up your bet to win more ... hopefully.