Hitchiker Rules

Temporarily Out of Stock!

Greetings Hitchikers,

The Hitchiker Board Game is currently out of stock and I need to reload on a few components before I can make any more.

If you happen to be a board game manufacturer ... hey give me a call!!

Other than that, please check back again or Contact Me and I'll let you know when it's available again.

Thank you for your interest.

- Scott Marshall, Inventor

As mentioned, one of the ways to win the game is by saving $250,000 in your Bank envelope.

You may ONLY PUT MONEY IN YOUR BANK under the following conditions:

  • PASS THROUGH - any Hometown you own and deposit up to $20,000 in your Bank
  • LAND RIGHT ON - any Hometown you own and deposit up to $50,000 in your Bank

So this means...

SAVINGS - is the money you have deposited in your Hometown Bank envelope. If your savings total $250,000 … declare it and win the game!

TRAVELLING CASH - is the money outside of your bank and is used to conduct most game transactions. Once your stack of Travelling Cash hits $50,000,000 … declare it and win the game.

You CANNOT take money back out of your Bank once it has been deposited to use in the game. That said, you may lose some or all of your savings when instructed by a Bad Ride or as a result of landing in Customs with Contraband, etc.