Hitchiker Rules

Temporarily Out of Stock!

Greetings Hitchikers,

The Hitchiker Board Game is currently out of stock and I need to reload on a few components before I can make any more.

If you happen to be a board game manufacturer ... hey give me a call!!

Other than that, please check back again or Contact Me and I'll let you know when it's available again.

Thank you for your interest.

- Scott Marshall, Inventor

The Hitchiker Board Game is an easy to play adventure where a little imagination and the big money payouts just might have you jumping out of your chair with excitement.

The game's mechanics (activities) are mostly traditional and easy to follow. This includes: rolling the dice to move or facilitate transactions, buying and selling for profit, picking up a card and following the instructions, etc.

Obviously, using dice means that random luck is going to play a big role at times but don't worry, there are many activities and situations where having a plan and making the right decision is going to influence the outcome. For example: should you accept an overpriced deal in the Black Market or risk dying in a Police Shootout, or; is Life Insurance a good investment prior to your next roll, or; should you take one more card while playing Blackjack at the Casino. All very good questions.

In order to really enjoy playing, it's important to know that Hitchiker does not follow a linear path from start to finish. For example, the player who buys and builds on the best properties in Grandma's old real estate game, is pretty much guaranteed to win ... eventually.

On the other hand when you're playing Hitchiker you might suffer what seems like a devastating setback one minute and yet it's completely possible to be in a winning position a couple of turns later. This is a game that's never over until the last roll of the dice, which incidentally is probably a good philosophy to choose when looking at life itself.

Unlike real life though, Hitchikers are encouraged to take both calculated and sometimes even reckless risks depending on the circumstances they face. Handy tip: there are times when you really don't have anything to lose so just go for it!