Hitchiker Testimonials

Temporarily Out of Stock!

Greetings Hitchikers,

The Hitchiker Board Game is currently out of stock and I need to reload on a few components before I can make any more.

If you happen to be a board game manufacturer ... hey give me a call!!

Other than that, please check back again or Contact Me and I'll let you know when it's available again.

Thank you for your interest.

- Scott Marshall, Inventor

Your original game was a key item in my divorce... I even offered my ex-hub $200 for his game... no luck... I found TWO OF THEM at Value Village and have now converted another dozen people of so as players. EVERYONE loves the game - it's different EVERY time we play!
So, for my 50th birthday present, I am treating myself to your new version! So excited to have found you online... I even had postings for years on bulletin boards "Looking For" trying to find it...
THANK YOU for so many hours of entertainment... and do email me if you update again!!!